Fire Services

Fixed Fire Equipment

We are your trusted partner in ensuring your fire safety equipment is in optimal condition and complient with Australian Standards.

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Fixed Fire Equipment

Fire Hydrants

Service, Repairs, Replacements, and Flow Testing: Our expert team provides comprehensive services for fire hydrants, ensuring they are ready to protect your property when needed most.

Fire Hose Reels

Service, Repairs, Replacements, and Flow Testing: Count on us for competent and compliant care of fire hose reels, maintaining their effectiveness for immediate fire response.

Delivery Lay Flat Hoses

Pressure Testing, Repairs, and New Equipment Supply: We specialise in the pressure testing, repairs, and supply of high-quality hoses and equipment for your fire safety needs.

Pump Sets

Routine Inspections: From monthly checks to annual testing, our dedicated team ensures the reliability of your pump sets, an essential component of your fire safety system.

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